In Your Own Backyard


Besides making their homes in the forest, animals also live in cities, suburbs and right in our backyards.  Squirrels, birds, butterflies and lots of other creatures live right near people.  They’re all a part of our wild and wonderful environment here in Surrey. And you can help them.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Design and plant a garden.  If you don’t have a backyard, create a planter box for your balcony or windowsill.  Flowers, vegetables and other plants will attract animals to your backyard who are looking for food and shelter.

  • Start a brush pile (bushes, branches, etc) for small animals to use as “cover”.  If animals know they can hide themselves when they need to, they are more likely to visit you.

  • Use native plants for your garden and habitat.  Native plants are those that are suited for our environment and the wildlife that live here and generally require less work to take care of.

  • Choose plants that will provide good food and good cover for the wildlife you and your family wants as “neighbours”. 

  • Visit the City of Surrey website to learn more about how you can help Wildlife & The Environment.

For the Birds


Invite birds into your backyard with a bird bath or bird feeder. They are easy to set up and maintain and provide hours of entertainment for you to watch and learn all about these feathered animals.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Install a bird bath and watch the birds splash away.  Not only will they use the bath to clean themselves, they also need water to drink, just like us.  Remember to change the water regularly to keep it clean and fill it often to make sure the birds can stay cool.

Create your own bird feeder.  There are many types of feeders you can make or buy that different types (or species) of birds will enjoy.  Below are some of our favourites…

  • Spread peanut butter or vegetable shortening all over a tree cone of your choosing (pine cones work well).  Be sure to cover and fill in all the little spaces.  Then roll or pat bird seed all over the cone.  A thick layer of seed should stick to the outside.  Then, hang the cone from a tree and watch for hungry visitors
  • Recycle an old milk jug and create a refillable bird feeder
  • If there are cats in your neighbourhood, make sure your bird feeders and bird baths are not easy for them to get to. Cats like birds for other reasons!