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Cultural Plan for Surrey

Public art outside Newton Cultural Centre.

Surrey’s Cultural Plan

In 2012, Surrey’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department developed the Surrey Cultural Plan – a practical guide for the future development of arts and heritage in Surrey.

Purpose of the Cultural Plan

  • To establish a practical framework for guiding efforts and resources to the maintenance and development of arts and heritage in Surrey.
  • To engage the community and the City in enhancing awareness and understanding of the role of arts and heritage in Surrey’s ongoing evolution as a major urban centre.

Objectives of the Cultural Plan

  • Assess feasibility and service needs for cultural facility space for South Surrey.
  • Reassess the functional space plan and needs for a phase II expansion of the Museum of Surrey.
  • Develop six community Public Art Plans, identifying sites and themes for public art in Cloverdale, South Surrey, Newton, Surrey City Centre, Guildford and Fleetwood.
  • Compile an inventory of public and private sector cultural assets, services and facilities in Surrey; identifying evident gaps and needs.
  • Identify needs, opportunities, space and operational requirements for a decentralized model of arts and heritage City-wide services.
  • Identify space and resource requirements for the growth and preservation of City material cultural and art collections.
  • Assess needs and roles for effective communication of cultural values and benefits by public and community stakeholders.
  • Identify cultural spaces and amenities in City Centre development plans.

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