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Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Sunnyside Urban Forest



2598 - 144 Street, Surrey BC

About Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is a 130 hectare park with a natural second growth forest, after it was logged early in this century. Compare this to Green Timbers which is reforested, or Redwood Park where exotic species replaced the native species. Birds, coyotes, and black-tailed deer still live in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

You may also see the rare orchid in this park, Rattlesnake-plantain. But don't pick them!

Nature Trail Walk

The nature trail around Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is around 4 kilometres long. Allow 1 hour for this easy walking circuit.  You may also use the self-guided interpretive walk map as a guide.

The Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society hosts educational walks through this park on the first Tuesday of every month. Tours leave at 10am from the Wally Ross Parking Lot (24 Ave between 144 St and 148 St). Pre-registration is required for these walks.

Sunnyside Acres was declared an urban forest in 1988.

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