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Public Safety

Our Vision

A community where everyone is safe and engaged.

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Our Mission

Working together across sectors to create measurable results.

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Our Guiding Goals

  1. Increased feelings of safety in our community
  2. Improved quality of life for everyone
  3. Increased opportunities for civic participation

See the Public Safety Strategy

Our Four Priorities

The Surrey Public Safety Strategy groups all of our objectives and initiatives by one of four priorities. Working together, the four priority areas of the Strategy will organize a diverse set of programs and services and ensure we stay focused on the things that will make the most difference to public safety.

Learn about the Public Safety Strategy and how you can get involved in events and programs.

Get Involved

Discover how you can get involved and read the priority initiatives that are part of the Public Safety Strategy.

Prevent & Reduce Crime

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  • expand Cyber Safety Outreach Program
  • 'Be Safe Online' is a new City of Surrey cyber safety outreach program that will give trusted and actionable education and resources to Surrey residents and Surrey small to medium-sized businesses The goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of cyber crime in Surrey.

    Get tips about staying safe online

  • expand End Gang Life BC Gang Exit Pilot
  • This new Surrey pilot to get people out of the gang lifestyle builds on the existing work of the End Gang Life program under the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

    Reach out to the public safety team if you or someone you know would like to take part

  • expand Clayton Heights Activity Team (CHAT)
  • The Clayton Heights Activity Team (CHAT) connects people ages 13 to 18 to support and increase their confidence, life skills, employability, health and sense of belonging and works to prevent and reduce crime in the area.

    Learn how you can become a CHAT volunteer

  • expand Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors
  • The Surrey Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors is a city-wide framework for working together to ensure seniors are supported and can remain actively engaged and safe in our community. This Strategy is based on the World Health Organization’s work on Global Age Friendly Cities.

    Learn more about how Surrey strives to be an age-friendly city

Ensure Safe Places

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Build Community Capacity

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  • expand Emergency Planning
  • Emergency planning and helping people understand potential crisis events and how they can best respond to maintain their personal safety contributes to public safety. In Surrey, emergency planning focuses on outreach and resources to support residents, businesses and families to build their emergency preparedness capability.

    Emergency planning is particularly important because of climate impacts like the increase in storms and longer, hotter summers with less rainfall.

    Start your emergency planning now

  • expand Home Safe
  • One of the main risks to safety in the home is fire risk. Home Safe provides support to seniors and other Surrey residents to assess fire risks in the home and ensure smoke alarms are installed and working in the event of a fire.

    Find out how to receive your free smoke alarm and installation now


  • expand Volunteerism: Building Community
  • With a 22% increase in volunteer participation from 2015, Surrey residents are getting involved in their communities. Volunteering connects people to their neighbourhood and strengthens their sense of belonging. It is an important part in creating building community and increasing public safety. As part of the Public Safety Strategy, we will continue to build a volunteer team that is just as diverse as the City of Surrey.

    Get involved in volunteering now

  • expand Early Years- United Way Avenues of Change - Guildford West
  • United Way Avenues of Change is the first of its kind in BC with one absolute objective: to see more kids ready to succeed by the time they start school. Guildford West of one of four Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods with this pilot program and is funded by United Way.

    Find Guildford West early years resources now

Support Vulnerable People

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  • expand Integrated Services Network (ISN)
  • Surrey ISN targets ‘social chronic’ offenders whose interactions with the criminal justice system are a result of their substance use, mental health and housing challenges. It aims to reduce relapses among prolific offenders with multiple disorders, including decreasing the severity of new charges.

    Learn more about how we'll measure success

  • expand Surrey Mobilization and Resilience Table (SMART)
  • The Surrey Mobilization and Resiliency Table (SMART) was launched in fall 2015 to address developing community problems before they become police problems or require other emergency services.

    Read more about the goals and success measures of SMART


  • expand Inter-Agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT)
  • The Inter-agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT) brings together community partners and service agencies to assist the Surrey RCMP Domestic Violence Unit.

    Find out more about ICAT