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A view through the plants in the water at Green Timbers park

Surrey's Sustainability Charter 2.0 vision is to grow our home into a thriving, green, inclusive city. One of the eight themes from the Sustainability Charter is to have a healthy, protected and well maintained ecosystems and biodiversity.

Learn about how we're working towards achieving this goal and how you can get involved.

Surrey City Centre

Sustainability & Climate Strategies

Check out Surrey's strategies to foster a sustainable, climate-friendly community.

Two deer standing near a beach.

Environmental Protection

See how Surrey protects natural areas and the environment from the harmful effects of development.

Several Coho Salmon Fry swimming in Surrey.

Fish Facts

Learn about the kinds of fish that live in Surrey, how they are protected and where you might spot some.

Surrey stream.

Streams & Water Quality

Surrey has over 1400 kilometres of streams. Read about the water quality programs and pollution prevention measures taken to protect the fis [...]

Group of volunteers planting a tree in Surrey.

Sustainable Living

Enhance Surrey's environment with small changes around the house, your community, or in your garden.

Tree in Darts Hill Garden


Find the information you need on trees on in Surrey, including permits, inspections & protection.

Red Tailed Hawk image

Wildlife & Habitats

Learn about the wildlife and natural environment issues managed by the City of Surrey.

looking at salmon in fish bowl

Environment School Programs

Educate your students on the importance of the environment.

Chafer Beetle

Pest Control

Learn what to do if you encounter pests or wildlife issues and what to do to minimize their impacts.

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Green City Award

The Green City Award recognizes leaders in environmental stewardship.


Explore over 200 parks across Surrey.

Park Programs

Join in on programs happening in parks around Surrey.

Sustainability Charter

Explore the key document we use to guide sustainable growth in Surrey.