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School Travel Planning

Beaver Creek Elementary - Bike to School Week

A big part of the Safe and Active Schools Program is School Travel Planning (STP). 

In STP, we work directly with specific schools to increase the number of students walking and cycling to school. Together, we run educational campaigns and contests to promote active travel. Our School Travel Planning Handbook and Resource Guide outlines the STP process and timeline. It's a great resource for STP schools or those interested in the program

Each year, we work with several schools. We have worked with 23 schools so far. In the 2015/2016 school year we’re partnering with three schools in South Surrey.

The project will expand to more schools in Surrey over the coming years. So far, we’ve increased the number of children walking to an individual school by up to 27%.

Surrey parents reflect on School Travel Planning:

  • "My children enjoy walking to school; even in the rain they put their rain boots on and take an umbrella."
  • "It’s better to walk than drive because there are not enough places to park the cars near the school."
  • "Thank you for everything. There have been great changes to our school to increase student safety and community."

Types of School Travel Planning (STP)

All schools are different, and value personal security, community, the environment, health, athleticism and academics in different ways. So, we have both student-led and parent/teacher-led STP programs to tailor to different school cultures. Sometimes we use several approaches at the same school.

With student-led STP, a facilitator works with a group of students to teach leadership skills through promoting traffic safety and the importance of active travel.

With parent/teacher-led STP, a facilitator works with a committee of parents and school staff to develop awareness campaigns and contests to promote active travel.

Previous STP Schools

City Centre / Whalley





South Surrey

Contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 604-591-4853 for more information on School Travel Planning.