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Truck Parking

Commercial truck parking in Surrey is estimated at approximately 6,000 vehicles and demand for truck parking is growing. It is important that parking be in compliance with established zoning and bylaws.

Learn more about truck parking regulations, current parking locations and efforts underway to increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities in the city.

Truck Parking Task Force

The supply of authorized truck parking facilities in the City of Surrey has been a long-standing issue. The newly established Task Force on Truck Parking has a one-year term and mandate to evaluate and recommend options to Council to:

  • increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities within the City; and
  • better meet the needs of Surrey truck operators.

We want to develop creative options and help facilitate equitable and sustainable solutions for legal commercial truck park operations within the City. To support the Task Force’s work, we’re looking to engage stakeholders in order to better understand their needs and priorities. This understanding will allow the Task Force to develop recommendations and implementation plans.

Get Involved

Open House

Over 165 people attended a public open house on March 9, 2019 where City staff engaged members of the local trucking community and the interested public in an initial discussion to hear about their needs, concerns and ideas to help shape possible truck parking solutions.

The drop-in style public open house:

  • introduced the project to a wide range of truckers and stakeholders
  • shared information on the current state of parking facilities
  • gathered information and assess preferences from attendees
  • collected location, amenity and cost feedback
  • provided a forum for attendees to suggest possible solutions

View the Information Sheet and Presentation Boards shared at the meeting.

Planning Process

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • Step 1: Getting Started

    On December 3, 2018, Council established the Truck Parking Task Force for a period of 1 year and appointed Councillor Nagra as Chair, supported by Councillor Hundial (view the Corporate Report). The purpose of the Task Force is to implement viable solutions for truck parking operations within the City.

  • Step 2: Discovery expand
  • Step 2: Discovery

    In March 2019, staff will introduce the project (issue/need, objectives, process phases and timing and engagement activities) to a wide range of truckers and stakeholders. An initial open house and online survey will share current information and engage stakeholders to better understand their needs and priorities. Stakeholders will also be asked to share ideas for potential solutions.

  • Step 3: Developing Options expand
  • Step 3: Developing Options

    Based on understanding of issues and priorities developed through Discovery (Step 2), staff will undertake a technical review in order to develop a number of options for possible solutions. Meetings with the Province and other external stakeholders to explore opportunities. Key findings to date will be presented to the Task Force and implications of potential recommendations will be assessed.

  • Step 4: Presenting Options expand
  • Step 4: Presenting Options

    Staff will draft recommendations for comment based on their understanding of issues, priorities, opportunities and constraints developed through Steps 2 and 3. A second round of public engagement, including an event and online survey, are anticipated at this time.

  • Step 5: Refining and Presenting Recommendations expand
  • Step 5: Refining and Presenting Recommendations

    Post engagement, the Task Force will meet to discuss feedback on the draft recommendations and make further refinements. Based on the overall engagement process, results from the technical review and analysis, the Task force will shape final recommendations to be presented to Council. A corporate report is expected to go before Council in fall 2019.

Background Information


Have a question about the Truck Parking Task Force or want to stay up to date on its work? Subscribe to our Truck Parking Task Force News & Updates below, or contact us at or 604-291-4853.

Where are trucks currently permitted to park?

Parking heavy trucks with a licensed gross vehicle weight that exceeds 5,000 kilograms (11,023 lbs) is permitted only within certain zones of the City:  

  • Residential: Heavy trucks are not permitted to be parked or stored either inside or outside a building or structure on any lot in a residential zone
  • Industrial: Sites zoned Light Impact Industrial (IL) and High Impact Industrial (IH) permit commercial vehicle parking and the development of truck parking facilities
  • Agricultural: Parking in agricultural zones is permitted as long as the parking of the truck is related to the agricultural use of the property or meets the following conditions:
    • There is a farm operation and a residential dwelling on the lot
    • The trucks and trailers are registered to the owner and/or occupant of the lot
    • The parking of the trucks and trailers are in compliance with setbacks, farm residential footprint requirements and fill deposition regulations
    • There is appropriate or suitable access to the farm site.
    • In which case you will be permitted to park 2 trucks and trailers on lots up to 10 acres and 3 trucks and trailers on lots 10 acres or more.

Find a Truck Parking Facility

The following map shows the third party truck parking facilities available throughout the City. Inclusion does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the City of any of the services provided, nor does it signify that the business is in compliance with all City bylaws or other applicable provincial or federal regulations.

Commercial vehicle enforcement rules and regulations

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  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles expand
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles

    For the purpose of the City of Surrey's Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007, a Heavy Commercial Vehicle is any vehicle with a licensed gross vehicle weight over 5,000 Kilograms.  This includes, but is not limited to, trucks, tow vehicles, wreckers, buses or highway tractors (with or without trailers).  

    The City of Surrey prohibits the parking of Heavy Commercial Vehicles from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on any street in Surrey, even those designated as truck routes. Learn about truck parking facilities located in Surrey in the map at the top of this page.

    Heavy Commercial Vehicles can only park temporarily in a residential area for the purpose of loading or unloading at any time of day.

  • Heavy Trucks expand
  • Heavy Trucks

    A Heavy Truck is any commercial vehicle with a licensed gross vehicle weight over 10,000kg. This includes, but is not limited to, dump trucks, buses or highway tractors (with or without trailers).  

    Heavy Trucks are not allowed in residential areas for the purpose of deliveries between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. 

  • Truck Routes expand
  • Truck Routes

    Trucks Permitted

    All truck routes are clearly marked with signage indicating direction of the truck route and time restrictions, if applicable. If there is no sign indicating a road is a truck route, it is not a truck route. 

    Trucks Not Permitted

    Some roads have signage clearly stating No Heavy Truck Route. These roads, for a variety of reasons, are designated No Heavy Truck Route, as there are safety issues (school zones, playground zones, steep hills) associated with trucks travelling on them. As these roads are specifically named "No Heavy Truck Route," the fines associated with travelling on a No Heavy Truck Route are higher than roads without that designation.

    If your delivery destination is off a truck route, you arrive at and depart from your destination by using the most direct route from the nearest truck route to your delivery point. 

  • Securing your Load expand
  • Securing your Load

    A properly secured load prevents injuries and accidents from occurring due to articles falling or bouncing off a truck or trailer. 

    You must ensure that not only is your load prevented from moving side to side or back and forth, but also upward. By preventing upward motion, you ensure your load, in the event of an accident, remains on the truck or trailer.

  • Parking of trailers expand
  • Parking of trailers

    Trailers must be hooked up to a vehicle with motive power (for example, a towing vehicle) when parked on a city street.

    By-law Enforcement is responsible for ensuring compliance of City by-laws related to parking. The Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007 regulates the use (including parking) of all City of Surrey streets. This By-law, in large part, reflects the Province of British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act. Concord Parking provide most parking enforcement services for the City of Surrey; however, By-law Enforcement Officers and the Surrey RCMP also enforce the Highway and Traffic By-Law.

Learn more

Learn more about Truck Parking in Surrey in Zoning Bylaw, No. 12000, Part 4, General Provisions, IL Zone and IH Zone sections.

Contact the Planning and Development Department with any questions.


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