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Bike Safety & Security

Biking around Surrey is a great way to stay active and we want all cyclists to stay safe and protect themselves and their bikes.

Helmet Safety

A properly worn helmet will help protect your head in a fall. In BC, cyclists are legally required to wear one. Keep your family safe by making sure everyone has a helmet that fits properly and has a safety certification sticker. Learn more about helmet fit and safety certification from HUB.

Bike Security & Theft Prevention

It only takes seconds to have your bike stolen. We recommend taking a photo and recording your bike's information (make, model, type/style, colours, speed/gears and serial number). To keep your bike secure:

  • Double lock it: Use a cable lock and U-lock
  • Park in a high visibility area with lots of people and activity
  • Try not to park your bike in the same spot all the time and never leave your bike outside overnight.

If your bike is stolen, report it to the non-emergency RCMP line. If you see someone stealing a bike, call 911 - don't confront the thief.