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Guildford Land Use Plans

Guildford and Fraser Heights' land use plans provide neighbourhood-level details to guide development in growing areas. This includes land use designations and density, road network details, locations of amenities, servicing and other related information.

Explore land use plans below, categorized by current status.

New Land Use Plans Underway

To develop land use plans we undertake a comprehensive community planning process. This includes opportunities to engage with residents and stakeholders, including landowners, community groups and development interests.

Name of Plan Plan Summary Date Approved by Council
Guildford Town Centre & 104 Avenue Corridor The City of Surrey is undertaking a planning study for the 104 Avenue Corridor and Guildford Town Centre, and wants to hear from Surrey residents about their vision for the future of these areas. Guildford Town Centre is designated as a core urban area within the Official Community Plan. Awaiting Approval

Approved Land Use Plans

Approved Land Use Plans have been developed through community consultation and endorsed by Council. These plans are used to guide current development across the City.

Name of Plan Plan Summary Documents Date Approved by Council
Abbey Ridge This Plan guides future development with the Abby Ridge neighbourhood of Fraser Heights, and area where growth is planned to respect and complement the character of existing residential areas.

February 6, 2017

Anniedale-Tynehead Anniedale-Tynehead, located south of Highway 1 and centered on Highway 15, is large comprehensive neighbourhood area, which includes land use designations for new residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development. March 30, 2009


South Port Kells

This General Land Use Plan (GLUP) provides an overall planning framework that acts as a guide for the preparation of future Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCP) in the South Port Kells area. It ensures that South Port Kells develops as a comprehensively planned community, providing existing and new residents the opportunity to live, work and play in a high quality, healthy and livable community. June 13, 2005

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