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Save yourself a trip to City Hall

Use COSMOS, the City of Surrey's Online Mapping System, to access information about any property in Surrey or get a Property Report, which you can use to find assessment values, and maps on a property by address. Explore over 200 layers of information, annotate your own maps or search for underground infrastructure near your property. You’ll never know what you will find. COSMOS now supports all modern browsers.


Please view and understand City of Surrey Spatial Data Disclaimer.

What's New in COSMOS

  • Building height and ground elevation added to building footprint layer
  • New layer search capability
  • 2017 Aerial Photo Layer
  • 1949 Aerial Photo Layer
  • 2016 Metro Vancouver Aerial Photo Layer
  • 10 Year Plan (2017-2026) Layer
  • Supports all modern browsers

Did You Know?

You can search for Layers in the Search Tool on COSMOS. Not sure where to find a layer in the Layer List? Then type in the layer name in the Search box and after you select a layer it will be turned on the Layer List and shown on the map.

A snapshot of COSMOS with 'fish' in the search box

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How-to Tutorials

Watch our short videos to quickly learn COSMOS.


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