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Highlighted Construction Projects

Learn about the projects going on in your neighbourhood

Take a look at our highlighted projects. Each project's background, location, schedule and timing, updates and contact information is provided below. Visit our Capital Construction Program page to download the complete booklet of projects.

oriole drive road sign

North Surrey Water, Drainage and Sewer Upgrade Project Phase 1

The City has plans to upgrade water, drainage and sewer infrastructure in North Surrey.

160 road map

160 Street Widening: 26 Avenue to 32 Avenue

The City has plans to widen 160 Street between 26 Avenue and 32 Avenue.

192 street construction workers

192 Street Widening: 40 Ave to Colebrook Rd and 32 Ave to 40 Ave

The City of Surrey has plans to widen 192 Street from 40 Ave to Colebrook Rd and 32 Ave to 40 Ave.

24 Ave widening 161A to 168

24 Avenue Widening: 161A St to 168 St

The City of Surrey has plans to widen 24 Ave between 161A St to 168 St.

Road map of 100 Ave widening between King George Blvd and 140 Street

100 Ave Widening: King George Boulevard to 140 St & 138A St

The City plans to widen 100 Avenue between King George Boulevard and 140 Street.

Crescent Beach Drainage Improvements Phase II

The City is planning construction of Phase II of the Crescent Beach Drainage Improvements project.

River Rd_Grace Rd

River Road / Grace Road Connector Project

The City is planning construction of the River Road / Grace Road connector at 117 Avenue.

Chantrell Creek

Chantrell Creek Rehabilitation at 13568 Crescent Rd

The Engineering department is planning rehabilitation of Chantrell Creek.

32 Ave Widening

32 Ave Widening: 176 St to 188 St

The City is planning to widen 32 Ave from 176 St to 188 St to 4 lanes.

128 Street Widening (64 Ave - 68 Ave)

128 Street Widening: 64 Ave to 68 Ave

The City is planning to widen 128 St from 64 Ave to 68 Ave to an ultimate four-lane arterial road.

Hawthorne Park Map

105 Avenue Connector and Hawthorne Park Improvements Project

The 105 Ave Connector & Hawthorne Park Improvements Project will support our increasing population.

64 Ave widening location map

64 Ave Widening: 192 St to 196 St

The City is planning to widen 64 Avenue from 192 Street to 196 Street to a four lane road.

100 Ave Road Widening

100 Ave Widening: 140 St to 148 St

The City plans to widen 100 Ave from 140 St to 148 St.

Bridgeview Dr Phase 2

Bridgeview Drive Widening - Phase 2

The City has plans to widen Bridgeview Drive to a City standard four lane cross section.

Bridgeview vacuum project location

Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project Phases 3 and 4

The City has replaced the old Bridgeview sewer with a combination of low pressure & gravity sewers.

East Clayton Pond Open House Map

East Clayton Stormwater Detention Pond Expansion

The city is expanding the detention pond at 6491 194 Street to the south at 6477 194 Street

Clayton Detention Pond Map

West Clayton Stormwater Detention Pond

The city is constructing a stormwater detention pond and park in support of neighbourhood growth.

Paving in Surrey

Road Paving Program

See what City roads are included in the annual pavement rehabilitation program.

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