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Infrastructure Maps

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Use our online map order system (Website. New window.) to select and pre-purchase Surrey infrastructure maps.

Through the system, you'll find several map products in hardcopy or PDF format, like

  • Drainage maps
  • Contours maps
  • Orthophoto (Aerial) maps
  • Zoning maps
  • Lot Ownership maps

Here, you'll also find the complete list of products, prices and full instructions for using the online order system.

Select the products you desire, then complete the transaction with payment. The City's GIS section will then get an eMail, notifying us to process your order. We'll notify you when your order is ready for pick up, or send it to you if you've chosen to be couriered.

If you have any difficulties with the infrastructure map order system (Website. New window.), we can help you out at or 604-591-4146.