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Safe and Active Schools Program

Walking, biking, scooting—Active travel to school is healthy and fun!

Did you know that children who walk or cycle to school are happier, more alert, and have better concentration in class? The City of Surrey supports active travel to school through its Safe and Active Schools Program. Bringing together education, outreach and infastructure updates, the program helps build confidence and life skills in young people, and improves their personal safey.

"As a parent in the neighbourhood for more than five years, it is great to see such a positive impact resulting from efforts made to make our community safer for our children."
—Surrey Parent

Here's what Safe and Active Schools is all about:

  1. Road Safety Reviews. We’ve reviewed traffic and pedestrian safety for all schools in Surrey, and are working on education, enforcement, and engineering improvements.
  2. School Travel Planning. We work with several schools each year to find even more ways to increase the number of students walking and cycling to school.
  3. Bike to School Training. Are you a grade 4 or 5 student in Surrey? The City is sponsoring bike training for all grade 4 and 5 students at public elementary schools. To date, over 16,000 Surrey Schools students have received this training.
  4. Register for the "Walk & Roll Contest", where you can walk or bike to school and enter a draw to win great prizes!

Active travel in our City is important because it:

  • Improves traffic around Surrey schools and the city,
  • Improves public health and safety,
  • Builds family-oriented neighbourhoods and a sense of community,
  • Educates children on alternative travel options, and
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility

Here’s what you can do to help improve road safety near schools and support walking and cycling in your community:

  • Find and talk about the safest route to walk or cycle .
  • As a pedestrian, remember to…
    • Wear something bright
    • Look left and look right
    • Wait for the light
    • Make sure you’re in the driver’s eyesight
  • As a driver, always…
    • Obey the “No Stopping”, “No Parking”, and “Drop‐off & Pick‐up Only” signs
    • Respect the School Area and Reduced Speed School Zones
    • Be alert and yield the right‐of‐way to pedestrians at all intersections and crosswalks
  • Form a “walking school bus” with other parents and take turns walking with your children to school.
  • Print out our School Road Safety Guide or ICBC’s Be A Safe Pedestrian factsheet for the fridge at home, or bulletin board at school or daycare
  • Request that City By-law Enforcement enforce No Parking or No Stopping signs at your child’s school
  • Contact the Surrey RCMP to see if Speed Watch is available in your area

Infrastructure updates

Since 2010, we have completed more than 600 engineering projects near schools, including:

  • 200 new or upgraded pedestrian crossings
  • 40 sidewalks and pathways
  • 240 signage projects
  • 70 traffic calming projects
  • 50 other improvements



Contact us by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 for more information on the Safe and Active Schools Program. 


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