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Flood Control

Reporting a flood problem

Call 604-591-4152 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. After 4pm on weekdays or on weekends, please call 604-591-4431.  

Flooding control

In Surrey, flooding can occur due to rainfall, snowmelt, high tides, or a combination of events.

Flood control and prevention can involve our City infrastructure and/or your responsibilities as a private property owner.

Learn more about flooding in Surrey

Flood preparedness and response information is available for residences and businesses

Driving on a flooded road

Lowlands & Floodplains

Learn about the major floodplain areas in Surrey and how they are monitored and maintained.

House with flood

Flooding & Prevention

Prevent flooding on your property and in your neighbourhood.

flooded community in Surrey

Flood Alerts along the Fraser River

Learn about the Fraser River Flood Plain's areas of flooding concern, and how to prepare for a potential flood.

Wave in Crescent Beach

Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy

Learn how coastal flooding impacts environment, communities, people, agriculture and infrastructure.

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Flood Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for and what to do during a flood.

Lowland Dyking Stakeholder Committee

Learn about the Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee.