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Parking Regulations

Learn about parking in Surrey and save yourself a ticket!  

Parking regulations are in place to help keep Surrey safe and make on-street parking available for everyone. On-street parking regulations are an important tool to ensure the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, public transit and motorists in our City.           

For commercial and industrial parking please refer to Truck Parking.

Open Access to On-Street Parking 

Modern streets are valuable assets that must accommodate not just cars but other forms of transportation such as cycling, transit, and walking.

With this shared use in mind, the City’s planning and design standards emphasize the provision of parking “off-street” rather than on-street. Where on-street parking is provided, it must also serve multiple user groups, including visitors, business users, and residents.

Surrey does not have a Resident Permit Program, based on other cities’ experience with this attempt at regulation. However, property owners can request a change to parking regulations.

If you are requesting parking enforcement in your area please contact (604) 591-4352. If you have a general inquiry about our parking regulations your ticket or about our appeal process, please call (604) 591-4178. Please note we do not accept any appeals over the phone.

How to Change a Parking Regulation

If you would like to change the parking regulations on your local road the Engineering Department can review your request if a Parking Petition Form is completed with at least 67% support of property owners in the affected block.

Learn About Surrey's Parking Regulations

The information listed below is not exhaustive, and if any information differs from City Bylaws, the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act and Surrey's Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007 shall take precedence.

Parking near a fire hydrant

Parking Without Sign Regulations

Parking regulations may be in effect whether or not there is a sign. Learn how to avoid a ticket.

Car parked on a street with signs

Parking With Sign Regulations

Find out the regulations for parking on streets when there is signage.

For sale sign on parked car

Vehicles on City Streets Regulations

Find out about Surrey's regulations about vehicles for sale, unlicensed vehicles, and trailers on city streets.