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Dogs playing in a dog park

Surrey is home to many kinds of animals. Learn what your responsibilities are as a pet owner, how to deal with unwanted pests, and whether or not you're able to raise livestock in the City of Surrey.

For more information on the natural habitats of fish, birds, and beavers in Surrey, visit our Wildlife & Habitats page.

Dogs playing in a dog park


Apply and renew your dog licenses and find out everything you need to keep a happy dog in Surrey.

baby goats

Farm Animals

Find out if you're allowed to raise livestock on your property.

Chafer Beetle

Pest Control

Learn what to do if you encounter pests or wildlife issues and what to do to minimize their impacts.

Surrey Animal Resource Centre Building

Surrey Animal Resource Centre

Find the next addition to your family at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre (SARC).

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Dog Off-leash Areas

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