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100 Avenue Widening: 140 Street to 148 Street

Project Description

The City Engineering Department has plans to widen 100 Avenue between 140 Street and 148 Street, along with school and pedestrian improvements on 100A Avenue from 141 Street to 143 Street, and along 100 Avenue Frontage Road from 143 Street to 144 Street. As part of this road widening work, the existing watermain along 144 Street between 100 Avenue and 103 Avenue is planned to be replaced.

The road widening and local road improvement work is anticipated to generally consist of the following:

100 Avenue from 140 Street to 148 Street

  • Construction of 4 lanes, with no provision for on-street parking, to support current and future traffic volumes;
  • Construction of raised medians and left turn bays to improve traffic safety;
  • Installation of one-way cycle paths located adjacent to the sidewalk to support alternative modes of transportation;
  • Installation of pedestrian facilities and street lighting to provide a more pedestrian friendly environment and improve visibility;
  • Access restriction to right-in and right-out only at 100 Avenue and 141 Street;
  • New unsignalized access at 100 Avenue and 143 Street to improve access to the school and access to the local neighbourhood;
  • Installation of a new traffic signal at 100 Avenue and 144 Street intersection;
  • Safety improvements involving the access closure of the 100 Avenue Frontage Road to 144 Street.  Alternatively, 100 Avenue Frontage Road will have access to the new intersection at 100 Avenue and 143 Street; and
  • New signalized intersection at the Green Timbers Urban Forest parking lot.

100A Avenue from 141 Street to 143 Street

  • Installation of sidewalks, boulevards and street lighting to support the City’s Safe and Active School Program; and
  • Provision for on-street parking, permitted outside of school hours.

100 Avenue Frontage Road from 143 Street to 144 Street

  • Installation of sidewalks, boulevards and cycle path located off the street; and
  • Closure of the access to 144 Street with a new alternative access provided at 143 Street.

144 Street from 100 Avenue to 103 Avenue

  • Replacement of the existing watermain.

Project Location

Public Consultation

A Public Information Meeting was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at Lena Shaw Elementary School to present project designs and obtain public feedback on the planned widening.

Please refer to the Engineering Display Boards that were presented at the Public Information Meeting for more information about the project.

Project Timing

This project is now complete.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Surrey Project Manager: Victor Jhingan at 604-591-4339 or by email at