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Online Plumbing Permit Application

Apply and pay for select plumbing permits online

The Online Plumbing Permit Application system allows plumbing contractors to apply and pay using a credit card for New Single Family Residential Plumbing Permits (without Hydronic Heating) for:

  • Single Family Dwelling
  • Single Family Dwelling with a Secondary Suite
  • Duplex Dwelling
  • Garage/Coach House
  • Detached Garage
  • Workshop
  • Commercial/Industrial/Multi-family(CIM)

Note: Application that include hydronic heating are currently not available.

Note: Back Flow Preventer applications are currently not available.

Go to the Online Plumbing Permit Application System Now

You will require the associated Building Permit number when applying for your Plumbing Permit.

Register for the Online Plumbing Permit Application System

Plumbing contractors must register in person, at City Hall, in order to take advantage of online permit application including, the convenience of paying for permit fees with a credit card. Plumbing Contractors must bring the following with them to City Hall to register.

  • Plumbing Certificate of Qualification or Trades Qualification (TQ) Number
  • Valid Photo ID
  • City of Surrey Business Licence (or Inter-Municipal Business Licence)


Personal Information is collected for the purposes of City staff following up on your application for additional information or clarification in some cases. The City of Surrey is collecting this information under s.26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.