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Development Statistics

View statistics related to building permits and development approvals in Surrey. The Planning and Development Department issues building permits and City Council considers development applications in order to control the form of development occurring in Surrey.

Building Permits

Surrey issues building permits to ensure that construction complies with the BC Building Code as well as the City's own policies and regulations. Information gathered from building permit applications provide insights into demographic changes and development activity. It is also used to calibrate the City's population estimates. Information is available on current building permit activity as well as building permit activity for previous years.

Detailed building permit summaries are prepared each month. They provide monthly and current year cumulative information on the number of permits issued, the number of dwellings being built, and the value of the permits. The summaries also provide comparable information from the previous year.

Annual building permit summaries are also available for Surrey's six communities. Summaries for the current year include information up to the most recently completed month.

Commercial and industrial construction trends are further analyzed. Construction values are averaged over the preceding 12 months in order to smooth out the fluctuations in construction activity that occur from one month to the next.

Development Applications

Certain types of development projects require planning approval before a building permit can be issued. Current year information is available for the most common types of development approvals: rezoning, subdivision and development permits. Information is also available on development approvals in previous years.

Rezoning Applications

Subdivision Applications

Development Permits


The format of Development Statistics sheets have been amended to comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of BC.
The City of Surrey is not permitted to disclose the name of the permit holder by virtue of Section 22.