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South Surrey Land Use Plans

South Surrey's land use plans provide neighbourhood-level details to guide development in growing areas. This includes land use designations and density, road network details, locations of amenities, servicing and other related information.

Explore land use plans below, categorized by current status.

New Land Use Plans Underway

To develop land use plans, we undertake a comprehensive community planning process. This includes opportunities to engage with residents and stakeholders, including landowners, community groups and development interests.

Name of Plan Plan Summary Date Approved by Council
Grandview Heights Area #3

The City is undertaking a land use planning process for the next phase of the Grandview Heights neighbourhood.

We are now exploring how this area might develop and what it could look like in the future.

Awaiting Approval
South Campbell Heights The City is undertaking a land use planning process for a south extension of the Campbell Heights area, including a required amendement to the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). Awaiting Approval
Redwood Heights The City is undertaking the Stage 2 engineering servicing and financial strategy review for the Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan area.

Stage 1 -  2013

Stage 2 - Awaiting Approval

Reviews & Updates of Approved Plans

Approved plans are reviewed and updated, as needed, to make sure they remain up-to-date and reflective of community interests.

Name of Plan Plan Summary Date Approved by Council
Semiahmoo Town Centre

Semiahmoo Town Centre is a designated core urban area within the Official Community Plan. A new plan for this area is being developed to guide the development of a more compact and walkable town centre.

September 25, 2006

Approved Land Use Plans

Approved Land Use Plans have been developed through community consultation and endorsed by Council. These plans are used to guide current development across the City.

Name of Plan Plan Summary Documents Date Approved by Council
Crescent Beach The Crescent Beach Land Use Plan guides development in the largely residential peninsular enclave of Crescent Beach. 1999
Douglas This plan designates land uses for a 60 hectare neighbourhood along the border with Washington State, between Highway 99 and Highway 15. July, 1999
Highway 99 Corridor A local area plan that guides commercial and business park development along the eastern edge of Highway 99, largely servicing residents in the broader Grandview Heights area. February 2004
King George Corridor - South A corridor plan to guide development and densification along King George Boulevard, from 8 Avenue north to the Nicomekl River. December 2005
Campbell Heights
Campbell Heights A strategy and land use plan for the build out of a large (798 hectare) business park and industrial area along the eastern border of Surrey, between 16 Avenue and 44 Avenue. January 2004
Grandview Heights
Grandview Heights General Land Use Plan This plan provides an overall planning framework that acts as a guide for the preparation of future Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCP) in Grandview Heights. July 2005
North Grandview Heights A land use plan for a large (342 hectare) portion of north Grandview Heights, north of 28 Ave, from King George Blvd to Hwy 15. This area was the first to be planned in the Grandview Heights area. January 1999
Morgan Heights Now completely built out, Morgan Heights was the first residential neighbourhood plan that resulted from the Grandview Heights General Land Use Plan. January 2005
Orchard Grove A largely residential neighbourhood designated as Area 5A in Grandview Heights GLUP, west of the Grandview Aquatic Centre and bounded by 26 Avenue to the north and 24 Avenue to the south.

January 2012

Updated 2018

Sunnyside Heights Sunnyside Heights is the southwestern portion of Grandview Heights. This plan designates land uses for a large (163 hectare) mainly residential neighbourhood. Designations within the south portion of this plan were updated in 2017.

April 2005

Updated 2017

Rosemary Heights
Rosemary Heights Business Park Rosemary Heights Business Park is the north extension of the Highway 99 Corridor Local Area Plan, extending employment lands north to 32 Avenue. February 2000
Rosemary Heights Central This plan designates land uses for a the central portion of the Rosemary Heights area, north of 32 Avenue to the Nicomekl River. The core designation of this plan was updated in 2018.

December 1998

Updated 2018

Rosemary Heights West Largely built out, this plan designates land uses for a the western portion of the Rosemary Heights area, including the Barbara Creek watershed. July 1997


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