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Committees, Commissions & Boards

Commitee Meeting Roundtable

Committees, Boards and Commissions meet to discuss relevant and important issues that affect the Surrey community. Some groups, such as the Environmental Advisory Committee, are formed organically, through citizen engagement. Other groups, such as the Board of Variance, are formed through a provincial mandate. In both cases, the intention of such groups is to help the City of Surrey operate as a representative, efficient and transparent local government.

Learn what each active Council, Select Committee, Advisory Board, and Staff Advisory Committee does at the City of Surrey, and access their minutes. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted. To access historical minutes, contact the City Clerk's office at 604-591-4132 or Fees may be associated with requests for printed copies and archived materials.

See details on what the Library Board does at Surrey Libraries. The Board manages the City’s municipal libraries. Responsibilities include appointing a Chief Librarian, hiring and dismissing employees, and preparing an annual report for the Provincial Minister responsible subject to the terms of the Library Act.


Boards are legislated bodies, with members appointed by Council. The number and type of member make-up depends on the group. For example, Council Appointed Select Committees may contain Members of Council, engaged citizens, local experts and/or special interest representatives.

Council Appointed Boards and Commissions may contain members of the community, and members of Council.

Meeting Schedules

Committees, Boards and Commissions generally meet monthly, depending on the group and whether there are pertinent issues on the table. Find meeting schedules, along with terms of reference, by learning about each committee, commission and board.

See committee, board and commission schedules for this week.

Applying to Volunteer with a Committee, Board or Commission

Not currently accepting applications.


Agriculture & Food Security Advisory Committee

The Agriculture & Food Security Advisory Committee protects, enhances, and promotes agriculture.

Advisory Design Panel

This panel provides recommendations to the Planning & Development dept on proposed design concepts.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews the audited annual financial statements and other financial information.

Board of Variance

The Board of Variance is an independent review board that can help with zoning relaxations and is less costly than other avenues.


The Council-in-Committee provides a forum for the public to bring concerns before Council to be heard.

Culture Development Advisory Committee

This committee advises council on ways to increase arts, heritage services & cultural activity.

Development Advisory Committee

This committee creates & maintains communication between staff & members of the development industry

Diversity Advisory Committee

The Diversity Advisory Committee enhances multiculturalism and promotes collaboration between ethnic groups.

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee reports on environmental issues to promote public education and awareness.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee discusses the City's operating and capital budgets, and considers and makes recommendations on City grants.

Investment & Innovation Committee

The IIC advises Council on issues related to investment attraction & innovation through consultation

Mayor's Task Force on Gang Violence Prevention

This task force reviews prevention programs to identify gaps, challenges and issues.

Measuring Up Committee

Find out what this committee is doing to promote accessibility and inclusion for Surrey residents.

Parks, Recreation & Sport Tourism Committee

The committee enhances parks & community services by advising on policies, priorities & directions

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee discusses municipal policing priorities and reviews community policing initiatives with the RCMP.

Public Art Advisory Committee

This committee promotes the use of art in public spaces & reviews & recommends public art proposals.

Seniors Advisory Committee

SAC provides networking opportunities for individuals and organizations working with seniors

Social Policy Advisory Committee

This committee is a group of community members who provide advice on social sustainability in Surrey

Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission

This commission advises on community heritage conservation planning & activities.

Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee engages with various staff and groups and advises Council on transportation policy issues.